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How Pared Works

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Reserve Complimentary Time to Speak About Staffing Your Restaurant

Pared has supported thousands of restaurants. Let's see how we can make restaurant life easier for you.

Restaurants Use Pared to Get Staff

Pared is used by 2,000 restaurants in NYC, San Francisco, and D.C.

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"No other platform or network has the same quality and caliber of talent that Pared has amassed ... not even close.”

– Arthur Li, CFO, Altamarea Group

Pared is the restaurant staffing marketplace that gives you flexibility:

  • Cover last-minute shifts
  • Schedule future shifts
  • Grow new opportunities with extra help

Pared Pros are rigorously vetted for work experience and restaurant knowledge. 
Pros are strategically matched to you based on their past work experience. 

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